El Verano Inn is a tavern, pub, sports bar, pool room and the venue for local live music, known as what may be the last roadhouse still rocking in Sonoma Valley.  There are no rooms to sleep over in this Inn; the name is only a tribute to one of the many Inns in the neighborhood from Sonoma’s past, now all gone.

Overall, El Verano Inn is a gathering place and has been since 1887, when it was the General Store & Post Office (read our history articles).  It has been serving adult beverages since the 1950’s (at least on record!) and locals stop in everyday to catch up on the latest “scoop”, say hey to friends & meet new ones. Tourists and folks with vacation homes here, join us in the evenings to catch a live band performance, watch a lingerie show, try some moves on our brass pole (see our events!), sing on Karaoke nights, watch a Giants game (we’re tragic fans!), or a World Boxing match on the big screen.  It is a place where there is no criteria  (other than be at least 21yrs. old) to come in, leave your work, and worries at the door, have a drink, or not, have some fun & enjoy the company of others.